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Management Proposes Massive Takebacks
Updated On: May 31, 2018


At May 7 bargaining, the City had proposed the following takebacks:

  • Restricting the use of floating holidays for probationary members
  • Reducing  educational leave
  • Reducing  the hours we are allowed to preserve in our holiday banks from 40 to 24
  • Stop paying lost time for CDL physical exams
  • Restricting WOC pay to only those cases where the additional work is in writing
  • Adding requirements to getting Acting in Capacity Pay (AIC)
  • Extending the grievance procedure by an additional 60 days
  • Eliminate our members option of choosing whether or not to go to mediation for a grievance
  • Giving management more ways to deny grievances even if the City is at fault or owes members money…
  • & many more.

At Thursday’s bargaining session, the City continued their pattern of proposing to take back pay and rights that our members depend on including:

  • More limits on paying OT
  • Never including the use of accrued leave in the OT calculation
  • Reduce comp bank max to 40 hours (from 120)
  • Cash your comp bank down to ZERO every June
  • Severe reduction in standby pay for most PW employees
  • Further separating our Brothers & Sisters at the Housing Authority from the rest of us

FYI, Management AGREED to the Union’s proposals to increase bereavement leave and allow probationary employees to use sick leave as they earn it. They also made a proposal to increase cert pay for Building & Safety, which are all good for members. But overall, Management’s message Thursday was “COST CONTAINMENT” and taking back previous agreements.

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