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Union Actions to Provide COVID-19 Help
Updated On: Mar 25, 2020

We want to make sure that our members hear from us on a regular basis as we push the City to act with integrity in regard to your service. We will update the timeline below as we get information.

Be assured that we understand the stress of this economic uncertainty. We continue to pressure the City to do the right thing.

In the meantime, please be sure you understand your rights to refuse to work in dangerous situations. Review the handout on our website and call the Smart Center at 1-844-758-6466 if you have an immediate need for assistance.

Timeline of Local 2067 actions

On Monday, March 16, we told you that we were meeting with the City to ask them to provide you the same protections the State of Oregon has provided its represented employees.

On Tuesday, March 17, we shared with you the details of the proposal and our hope for a quick response from the City.

  1. Any member who needs to take time off due to exposure or potential exposure to COVID19, someone in their household being quarantined or because they themselves feel sick should be allowed to borrow up to 80 hours of paid leave that can be paid back over time;
  2. Any member who is sent home due to potential exposure, the closure or curtailment of bargaining unit work or any reduction in City services should be granted 80 hours paid Administrative Leave.
  3. Any member who is medically mandated to quarantine should be granted up to two weeks paid Administrative Leave.
  4. The Catastrophic Leave donation program should be expanded to allow members to donate sick leave to coworkers who need additional paid time due to the above situations.

On Wednesday, March 18, we waited for a response.

On Thursday, March 19, we found out along with you in an email that the City has implemented two of our proposals:

  • The City will advance sick or vacation time, up to 80 hours. You will be able to use sick and vacation leave that is not yet earned if you have exhausted all other leaves. Repayment will be required over time at a level that allows you to accumulate leave balances. The ability to borrow against future leave accruals will continue until at least April 28.
  • The City’s catastrophic (CAT) leave program will be expanded to include any illness for you or a qualifying dependent. Employees who qualify can use 80 hours of leave from this pool if all other leaves have been exhausted. As the pandemic continues, we will consider other changes, if necessary, to have the program assist employees who need help with leave.

It is our understanding that a qualifying illness will be any COVID-19 related illness, but this has not been finalized.

The City has indicated they are still considering the administrative leave proposal and the donation of sick time to the CAT leave program. We have continued to make it clear that there is no reason the City cannot do what other employers are doing. As of March 19, the following employers have agreed to all of the proposal we made on Monday, March 16:

  • State of Oregon
  • Polk County
  • Multnomah County
  • City of Portland
  • Westvalley Housing

On Monday, March 23, the City announced the following update to the Temporary Policy Related to COVID-19:

"In the unlikely event that your supervisor notifies you that there is no work available, and your position has not been identified as essential for public safety, you will be placed on-call. If you are placed on-call, you must be available by phone during your assigned schedule. If you are called, you must be ready to come to work.  The temporary leave policy will be amended to include that if you are placed in an on-call status, as outlined above, you will continue to receive your regular hourly wage for your assigned schedule.  All other provisions of the temporary policy will remain the same."

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