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Wildfire Ash & Debris Clean Up Safety Checklist
Updated On: Sep 16, 2020

Every one of us has been affected by the wildfires. Some have been evacuated or had family evacuated, some of our families have lost homes, everyone has been affected by the extended hazardous air. 

Clean-up work requirements

If you are being assigned any work that requires you to handle, clean up, sweep, vacuum, wipe, power spray or use a leaf blower on ash or debris from the wildfires, you need to make sure the employer has provided you the following:

  • An N95, KN95 or equivalent mask that is clean and in good condition

  • PPE's to cover your hands, eyes, personal clothing and shoes so you don't take hazardous ash back to your personal vehicle or into your home.

  • Access to replacement masks when yours becomes dirty or damaged.

  • A bonding agent like saw dust to adhere to the ash to protect workers and the public.

  • Training on the dangers of inhaling and absorbing wildfire ash and how-to safety remove your PPE so you don't contaminate yourself or others.

In addition to providing a set of these expectations to your employer, your Union has also provided a set of expectations on air filter replacement and HEPA filters for vacuums so that indoor air can be kept as safe as possible.

If you have any questions about this list or concerns about your safety, you can always contact your Union Rep or Oregon AFSCME at 1-844-75-UNION.

Other resources

  • Oregon AFSCME Wildfire Resources
  • September 25 at 5 pm free webinar to help people understand their homeowners policies and rights as policy holders after a wildfire and during the relocation and rebuilding phases. Please contact AFSCME at 503-510-0241 if you want the link to that webinar.

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